Cosmetic Surgery and Hair Restoration, Cobb Galleria

Cosmetic Surgery and Hair Restoration Consultation in Cobb County, GA

The Cobb County/Northwest Atlanta ENT Facial Plastics and Sleep Disorder Center branch is near the Cobb Galleria Centre. This is one of our two new offices in the Atlanta area. This location is dedicated to consultations for those interested in cosmetic surgeries and hair restoration solutions. Bear in mind, we do not perform surgeries or procedures at this location. Instead, this location is a helpful place for Dr. B. Terry Seymour and his devoted team to meet patients, bringing us closer to where many of our patients live in the region..

A typical consultation for cosmetic surgery or hair restoration is about 30 minutes long. This time allows you to talk to Dr. Seymour so he can fully understand your goals and needs, and if you are a candidate for our cosmetic surgeries or hair restoration procedures, including a neck lift, fat transfer, wrinkle treatment, platelet-rich plasma for hair loss, and many more. During this consultation, we will take pictures, and assist with any administrative items. If you qualify for any procedures, your surgery/procedure and subsequent appointments will be conducted at our original Atlanta, GA location on Pryor Street.

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