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What is tonsil removal?

The tonsils sit at the back of the throat on either side of the soft palate. For some, mostly children, the tonsils can be an area that harbors bacteria and leads to inflammation and infection, like strep throat or tonsillitis. For those with enlarged tonsils, it can also cause snoring and sleep apnea. Board-certified ENT/facial plastic surgeon Dr. B. Terry Seymour offers tonsil removal at ENT Facial Plastics and Sleep Disorder Center. For more information on tonsil removal or if it may be a wise solution to your or your child's throat condition, contact either our Atlanta or Lithonia, GA office today.

What Can I Expect from Tonsil Removal?

Prior to tonsil removal, Dr. Seymour will perform an evaluation of your symptoms and perform a physical exam. Based on his findings, he may suggest a tonsillectomy. This outpatient surgical procedure is done while you are under general anesthesia to keep you comfortable. The procedure itself only takes around 15 minutes while Dr. Seymour uses specialized tools to completely remove the tonsils. After a tonsillectomy, it's common to experience throat pain and earache. It's important to get lots of rest and continually sip liquids. It may also be wise to eat soft or cold foods for the next week or so. Dr. Seymour may schedule a follow-up exam to check your healing progress.

Remove Throat Pain

If you or your child have frequent strep throat, tonsillitis, or snoring problems, you may consider getting the tonsils removed at ENT Facial Plastics and Sleep Disorder Center. This outpatient procedure can provide a lot of relief for a person that experiences chronic sore throats and prevent future bacterial infections. For more information on how board-certified ENT specialist Dr. B. Terry Seymour can help relieve your tonsil concerns, contact him at his office in Atlanta or Lithonia, GA.

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