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What is Mole Removal?

Mole removal is the elimination of moles that are large, dark, bumpy, or located in plain sight, requiring a more careful procedure to minimize scarring. Board-certified ENT/facial plastic surgeon Dr. B. Terry Seymour at ENT Facial Plastics and Sleep Disorder Center in Atlanta and Lithonia, GA is trained in the excision of unappealing moles. During your consultation with Dr. Seymour, the depth, location, and size of the mole are considered in order to choose the best removal technique. Also, the mole will be examined to decide if it is benign or noncancerous so it can be safely removed. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Seymour for an assessment of your mole, and learn more about your treatment options for excision so you can see smooth skin.

What Can I Expect from Mole Removal?

Certain factors, such as the depth, location, and size of your mole, will be utilized to determine the most appropriate technique for removal. Those that are only on the skin's surface may qualify for laser removal or a simple skin shaving technique. Moles that are deep-seated may require excision, which is a minor surgical procedure. During an excision, Dr. Seymour will use local anesthesia to numb the area, cut off the lesion, and then carefully suture the wound closed for optimal results with minimal scarring. This process usually only takes moments to complete but yields outstanding results. Cosmetic mole removal is usually done in our Atlanta or Lithonia, GA facility in under an hour with local anesthesia. For excisions requiring sutures, you can expect a bit of discomfort for up to a week following the procedure. Complete recovery can be expected within two weeks, but this might vary, depending upon the size and shape of the mole and the technique used. Healing can be sped up by closely following wound care instructions following the removal.

Move Over, Moles

While moles may not be a medical problem, they are typically a nuisance. Learn more about lesion and mole removal at ENT Facial Plastics and Sleep Disorder Center with board-certified ENT/facial plastic surgeon Dr. B. Terry Seymour to rid yourself of unwanted skin growths from your body and face. In addition, having a specialist check your mole can help alleviate your worry regarding any possible health problems. Arrange an appointment at our Atlanta or Lithonia, GA office to have your skin examined by Dr. Seymour.

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