DO YOU HAVE HAIR LOSS? Whether a man or a woman, we can help resolve the problem

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The traction alopecia is treat

This is treated alopecia. FUE and PRP/PRF. This person is much happier and feels much more confident. You can feel this way too!!

You can enjoy your hair again with medical treatment and of hair transplant! We can treat your hair loss with PRP-platelet rich plasma or PRF- platelet rich fibrin. Further, we can use hair transplantation with FUE-follicular unit transfer. We take the hair from the back of your head and transplant it to the place where it is needed the most.

Some people loss their hair from androgen natural hair loss. Others lose hair from traction with excess pulling on the hair. Their hairline suffers. Still others have medical problems that is causing their hair loss.

Dr. Seymour can help you with some stem cell treatment and/or FUE-follicular unit extracts.  This transfers the hair from one area of the hair to the hair loss area.

This can give you a total new look and a confident feeling, whether your are a man or a woman.

Some people say being bald is cool. We say the option of being bald is way cooler!!!

Look as good as you feel.

*There is a new you waiting to emerge!


B. Terry Seymour, III, MD


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B. Terry Seymour, III, MD

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