FACIAL REJUVENTATION WITH PRF IS WONDERFUL. Just look at this very happy person.

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This very pleasant person had degeneration of her facial fat revealing sclera show   ( whites of her eyes) and degeneration of fat in her malar/cheek area. This also gave her resultant smile lines/Nasolabial folds and lines around her mouth and lips.

PFR was able to help resolve this and she is ecstatic. She noticed the difference right immediately.

You too can begin your journey to facial rejuvenation and your personal fountain of youth!! (some people require more with facelifts, fat transfers, hair replacement, nasal procedures, etc.) 

Whatever you require, we will endeavor handle it.  See her video also.

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"There is a new you waiting to emerge"

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She is extremely happy. You too can be this happy!!

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