HAIR LOSS? Are you going BALD and are very unhappy about your appearance? HELP!!

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Now you have hair and feeling

Look at the hair line and the fullness of the hair. It brings out all of the other attributes that make you feel wonderful.

The hair is growing in well in

Look at the top of the head. That looks good. You can go the blog on the website and see up to date videos of the wonderful transformation. This is

Are you losing your confidence and as as man wearing baseball caps? Are you a woman wearing wigs and weaves to cover your baldness?

Imagine you can enjoy  your hair again with medical treatment and or hair transplant!

We can treat your hair loss with medical therapy and/or hair transplant (FUE), follicular unit extractions. We take your hair from the back of your head and transplant it to the places where it is needed the most!!

Some people lose their hair from androgen natural hair loss. Others use traction alopecia from excess pulling on the hair. Their hairline suffers the lost. Still others have medical problems that is causing their hair loss.

Dr. Seymour can help you with medical treatment and or hair transplant.

This can give you a total new look and a confident feeling for both men and women.


 *There is a new you waiting to emerge!*

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B. Terry Seymour, III, MD


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B. Terry Seymour, III, MD

Bald from the top view and the

Baldness is very uncomfortable for many people. This is how the world sees you when your hair is gone! How about giving yourself and the others anothe

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