Hair Transplant

People lose hair for many reasons whether angrogenic baldness, stress, trauma, or some underlying disease process. Often it has to do with Testosterone undergoing an enzymatic reaction by 5-alpha reductase and transformed into Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This then causes the bulb of the hair shaft to begin a downward process and one can become bald in certain susceptible areas on your head. (both men and women).

We use PRP/PRF (Platelet Rich Plasma/Fibrin) in conjunction with medical treatment and/or Hair Transplantation. We utilized FUE/FUT (Follicular Unit Extraction or Follicular Unit Transplant). Our goal is to create a hairline that fits your face and gives you the best look possible.

On occasion, we use hair thickeners and /or pigmentation to the scalp to give you the best results possible.

Come to the expert for your cosmetic consultation and treatment of your hair loss. You will thoroughly enjoy your experience.

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