How Often Are PRP Treatments Needed for Hair Restoration?

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Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is becoming increasingly popular when issues like thinning hair or a receding hairline make you feel self-conscious. PRP treatments are cutting-edge because they use your blood platelets to promote natural growth.

According to some studies, most people require a series of 3 – 6 PRP treatments spaced a few weeks apart. Of course, it's best to meet with an experienced professional for a custom plan.

Below, ENT Facial Plastics and Sleep Disorder Center explores the latest information about platelet-rich plasma for hair loss. We also discuss factors that influence how many PRP sessions are needed in Atlanta, GA.

What causes hair loss?

Genetics, prescription medications, and some medical conditions cause thinning hair. This problem impacts millions of people each year and can cause significant distress in both personal and social situations. If you struggle with hair loss and over-the-counter methods are not providing the results you want, it may be time to explore better options.

How does platelet-rich plasma work?

PRP therapy is an exciting method that does not require surgery or invasive methods to work. It uses the platelets in your blood – which are full of growth factors – to promote healing and cell regeneration. Growth factors are simply injected into the scalp once the blood is drawn and processed.

One of the reasons PRP is such an effective treatment is because it uses your body's own resources to work. This means that there is no risk of allergic reaction or other adverse side effects that can occur when using other types of treatments.

How many PRP sessions will I need?

This is a common question that our experts get here at ENT Facial Plastics and Sleep Disorder Center. Unfortunately, our answer is not the same for everyone. Many factors impact how many PRP treatments are required, including:

  • The severity of hair loss
  • The location of hair loss
  • The cause of hair loss
  • How well your body responds to PRP
  • The specific goals you have for PRP

The number of hair restoration sessions needed also tends to increase with age. This is because the aging process slows down cell regeneration and healing. The sooner you seek treatment with ENT Facial Plastics and Sleep Disorder Center, the better.

In general, most people attend a series of 3 – 6 PRP sessions spaced a few weeks apart. After the initial round of treatment, many people only require maintenance appointments once or twice per year based on their individual needs.

Your results after hair restoration

It could take several sessions before you start seeing results from PRP hair restoration. However, many people report an increase in thickness and fullness after just a few sessions, with patients reporting that their hair seems healthier and has more volume overall. Best of all, outcomes only continue to improve over time.

Restore your hairline

Balding or thinning hair can be frustrating, but there are cutting-edge options available at ENT Facial Plastics and Sleep Disorder Center. Platelet-rich plasma has been known to help with hair restoration in both men and women. Learn about this exciting treatment by calling our team in Atlanta, GA for an appointment. We are proud to offer leading options that can make you feel confident.

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