RHINOPLASTY/NOSE JOB. Do you want a different nose that gives you a better face?

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Is your nose sticking out too far or is too wide or is too something?? It a-kind to someone with a large caboose still coming around the corner long after the rest of them have already arrived. (lol). For some people, that's their thing and they enjoy having a large posterior...(back).

But, I don't know anyone who really wants that big hunker in the middle of their face. Now, lets really look at this.

The face is divided into fifths going across the face and into thirds from the hair line to the bottom (chin). You want the base of your nose to fit between the eyes comfortably. 

From top to bottom, one third from the hairline to the nasion, where the nose starts. Then you want the nose nasion to the base to be one third. Lastly, the final third is from the base of the nose to the chin.

Some people have large humps on the bridge of their nose. Some have wide, flat noses going across their face. Some have noses that are too keen and the people can see straight up their nostrils.

If any of the above abnormal features describes you and you would like to have it resolved, come to see Dr. B. Terry Seymour. He will help resolve your perceived problem.

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