SNORING, WHO? ME? Is this you? Are you the person no one wants to vacation with?

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You may be a very engaging and exciting person until it is bed time. ( No one wants to vacation with you. (SNORING/TIRENDESS).

No one wants to vacation (share a room) with you because they wake up exhausted from lack of sleep. You snore too loud!!!!!

Snoring has to do with several mechanisms occurring together or separately. The soft palate in your mouth maybe very long and webbed, thus blocking your airway. Your tonsils can be very enlarged further compromising the airway. Then, to add insult to injury, a very large tongue blocking the airway. Occasionally, the sides of the throat can be flaccid and flop in the breeze adding to the issues.

Dr. B. Terry Seymour at ENT/FACIALPLASTICS can evaluate and determine what is the nature of your problem, create a plan and move towards resolution of the airway and/or snoring problem.

Stop being tired, stop being exhausted and stop being embarrassed to fall asleep around strangers or friends.

Take control of your life!

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