THINNING HAIR AGAIN? Is the "CROWN" of your head bald and the front is thinning?

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Becoming bald and thinness of hair is a short coming that none of us relish, men or women.

You have balding areas and you try your best to camouflage the areas to no avail!

Do you continue to wear head scarfs and baseball caps all the time.

How can we help?

We can treat the areas medically to regrow your hair. Just look at this gentleman, The crown of his hair is now filling in as well as the top/front of his head. He has had only one treatment at this stage.

You can also have a hair transplant with (FUE) follicular unit extractions. We take hair from the back of the head and put it where it is needed.

Let us help you turn back the hands of time and yield the confidence that you once had.

Come to the expert!

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B. Terry Seymour, III, MD


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"There is a new you waiting to emerge"


B. Terry Seymour, III, MD

Look at the front of the head

The hair is growing in and he is very happy. The hair is filling in and the he is looking younger. People are looking more at his eyes instead of his

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