What is PRF, and How Does it Differ From PRP?

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Hair loss is a common but frustrating problem that many men and women face. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) are becoming popular treatments for balding or thinning hair. So, what is the difference between these two therapies? And which one is best for you?

ENT Facial Plastics and Sleep Disorder Center have helped countless patients restore their hairlines through cutting-edge solutions in Atlanta, GA. Below, our hair loss specialists take a closer look at PRP and PRF and how they help improve your appearance and self-confidence.

What causes hair loss?

Hair loss is a normal part of aging but still causes feelings of embarrassment or shame. While genetics, hormone changes, medications, or health conditions can cause thinning hair or a receding hairline, other factors include a poor diet, malnutrition, stress, or even certain hairstyles.

Do you have problems with hair growth? Hair restoration treatments have been used by the medical community for centuries and continue to evolve over time. Our clinic is able to slow down or reverse hair loss through innovative solutions like PRP and PRF.

What are PRP and PRF?

Our blood contains plasma, which includes individual platelets and growth factors. These growth factors stimulate cell renewal and kickstart active growth in dormant hair follicles. Platelet-rich plasma and platelet-rich fibrin are both derived from the patient's own blood and stimulate treatment areas to grow thicker and healthier hair overall.

There are a few minor differences between PRP and PRF. First, extracted platelet-rich plasma goes into a container with an anticoagulant, while platelet-rich fibrin contains no anticoagulants or other additives. PRP is also taken manually, which means that red or white blood cells may remain in the plasma. Because PRF is an automated process, the product tends to be purer.

How is PRP or PRF treatment performed?

When many hair restoration methods involve surgery, a PRP or PRF treatment begins with a simple blood draw. The blood is placed into a special centrifuge that separates the plasma from red blood cells and other impurities. Once this is completed, the final product will be added to a syringe so it can be administered into targeted areas of the scalp.

ENT Facial Plastics and Sleep Disorder Center is proud to help patients restore their hairline without ineffective over-the-counter products or invasive measures. We will provide an estimate on how long the procedure will take and if follow-up sessions are required in Atlanta, GA.

Should I choose PRP or PRF?

Patients should attend a consultation to determine whether PRP or PRF is best for their specific case. During this assessment, we can review the reasons for your hair loss, take a medical history, and ensure our treatments are safe for your goals. We then review the details of platelet-rich plasma and platelet-rich fibrin and make recommendations based on your individual needs.

Restore your hairline

Hair restoration is a life-changing experience for many, especially if they have tried other solutions with no results. If you are ready to enjoy fuller and thicker hair, don't hesitate to contact ENT Facial Plastics and Sleep Disorder Center in Atlanta, GA. We proudly provide PRP and PRF treatments that help patients look and feel their best.

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