Look Younger Today with Facial Fat Transfer.

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With Facial Fat Transfer, it change your features and completely enhance your appearance! You can improve the degenerated fat that has occurred to make you appear older. As it develops a blood supply alone with the artistry of Dr. Seymour, you can look much more "naturally" youthful without having to continually "repeat" the process, over and over!!

Sometimes, you may require lifting of the face as the major facial ligaments become lax and begin to sag the face and skin. Add this to your degenerated look and you see the older looking person in the mirror. (Imagine what others see?)

Just look at some of the movie stars as they have aged. Look at your friends and relatives... You will be able to see the degeneration of the fat and the sagging of the facial ligaments as described above.


Come to see Dr. Seymour and allow him to make an excellent diagnosis of your problem and resolve it!

He can improve your look to a much younger, beautiful/handsome appearance:

-Diagnosis the problem

-Transfer the Baldhead with (FUE) follicular unit extractions (Men and Women)

-PRP or PRF for medical treatment of your problem

-Facelift with minimal excisions that can be seen

-Neck lift/lower facelift to remove those huge platysmal bandings of the neck.

-Remove the fat in that "Turkey" neck

-Natural Fat Transfer to the face to give you the correct volume you need

-Beautiful skin treatment

-A beautiful/handsome nose with a nose reshaping/Rhinoplasty

-Gorgeous Eyes with Eyelid/Blepharoplasty procedure

-Excess facial hair removal with laser

-Excess facial wrinkle resolution

Dr. Seymour is expert in all these areas with over 38 years of experience.


B. Terry Seymour, III, MD

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"There is a new you waiting to emerge"!!


B. Terry Seymour, III, MD

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